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"CrossFit 30004 formerly CrossFit North Alpharetta is located at 540 Branch Dr. Alpharetta, 30004."

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surrounded by like minded people; supporting one another in a lifestyle of fitness


experienced coaching one-on-one or in a small class setting


New to CrossFit or experienced, you'll be challenged to exceed your expectations

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I have become mentally, physically, emotionally, and my favorite, spiritually stronger because of Jonathan and Heather’s coaching. I don’t think they meant to also be my life coaches, but they are. The programming and the coaching is like none other. Jonathan and Heather really understand the body and the crossfit movements. They know exactly how to scale things down for those who are new and for those who are injured. And they’re always learning and getting certifications to teach us new things. They just want you and me to succeed at our own level. And what’s great is they have spread that mentality to their coaches and the community of members. There is never a lack of encouragement at our box. My crossfit box is a community of people who love to be challenged every day, who have a strong spirit and we don’t give up. My box really kicks a$$.


It still hasn’t been a year since I started working out at Crossfit North Alpharetta but the results have been impressive. CrossFit certainly facilitates and reinforces a healthier way of living one’s life. The coaches and community that come as a part of CFNA have cemented my efforts to improve myself. It will never just be me letting myself down now…I have an entire community of people that are expecting and encouraging me to succeed.


It has been a month since I joined this awesome community. I have always enjoyed lifting weights but never been this enthusiastic: Crossfit is the highlight of my week now! I don’t even need to mention how much I got fitter in a very short time. I, indeed, want to say that I feel very lucky to be in this elite environment with these wonderful people:)


We've got the gym, community and atmosphere.

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  • We’ve got an experienced, supportive coaching staff
  • We’ve got a community that will support you and keep you accountable
  • We’ve got everyday people seeing extraordinary results

Expect a life changing experience that will change your perception of health and fitness forever!

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