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Today marks one year at CrossFit North Alpharetta. I still remember my first day. It was a Saturday and the WOD was Deck of Cards. I’ve always considered myself a very fit person. I grew up as a dancer and competitive swimmer and since college have been a member of a gym doing my weight lifting and aerobics classes here and there. At the time I started CrossFit, I was teaching 2 Zumba classes and 2 water aerobics classes a week so I figured this would be no problem for me…boy was I wrong. Going through the Deck of Cards workout was grueling. If I remember correctly it took me about 63 minutes to finish but the feeling of accomplishment I had for completing such a difficult workout made me feel really good. And everyone was so encouraging and helpful. I was hooked instantly! I am so impressed with the transformation my body has gone through and so amazed with how much my strength and endurance has improved over the past year. I can finally do a pull up…how cool is that!? I am in better shape now than I was as an active teenager, thanks to the awesome coaches! CrossFit North Alpharetta is full of amazing people…from the owners down to the coaches and all of the members. Everyone is so supportive and we all help to motivate each other. This isn’t just a “gym”…it is a community. I’m looking forward to remaining a part of this community and watching it grow!
testimonial Michelle Casto
Jonathan and Heather are passionate about not just Crossfit but people and all aspects of healthy and balanced living. The support that the CFNA community provides has not only helped me be a better athlete, but a better mother and wife.
testimonial Lynette Guess
Today makes 1 year since my first day at CFNA. For 10 years I struggled to stay in shape on my own. Thanks to Jonathan, Heather, and the whole CFNA family for showing me that there is a better way. One year in I am healthier and much happier!
testimonial Chris Smith

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